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33 Kv cable repaired on the road, safety protocols violated | Bhopal News

Bhopal: A major incident was averted after a high voltage power line broke on the Cable Stay Bridge in Bhopal on Saturday. However, the repair was carried out without any diversion of traffic and in gross breach of security.
According to ground staff of MP Madhya Kshetra Vidyut Vitaran Company Limited, a 33 kilovolt line broke around midnight just around the cable-stayed bridge.
Private repairmen used a ladder to reach about 50 feet high on the pole, suspending them over Lake Superior with a single rope. Safety protocols established under the Electricity Act 2003 were widely violated. Two linemen hung above the post adjacent to the bridge with traffic below. On the other side was a pumping station.
When ground staff were asked about safety measures such as a hydraulic crane and a belt, they replied, “There is a rope.”
During the repair on busy roads with frequent VVIP movements, traffic was not diverted and no repair warnings on the power line were issued.
Discom has appointed a private company for maintenance, while only Discom employees are allowed to carry out these repairs, not contract workers.
“Every week people die due to Discom’s failure to comply with government guidelines,” said MP Bijli Outsource Karmachari Sanghatan, organizer Manoj Bhargava.