Road safety

$5 million provided for Cygnet traffic safety upgrade

July 7, 2022

Michael Ferguson, Minister of Infrastructure and Transport

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is working hard to improve road safety in the state.

We provided $5 million to Huon Valley Council for their security upgrade of Cygnet Township.

The $5 million grant will help the council complete the Mary Street improvement by building an alternative route through the city.

The high population growth around Cygnet is significantly affecting Mary Street, which is part of the Channel Highway and the only thoroughfare through Cygnet Township.

This leads to significant congestion with limited parking options and increased safety risks for pedestrians crossing the road.

The project will decongest and improve safety by providing an alternative route for local traffic to access the city centre. The upgrade will also allow for street closures for special events such as the Cygnet Folk Festival and the ANZAC Day Parade.

It will allow for future downtown expansion and provide the opportunity for more outlets to expand onto a new street, which will provide significant benefits to the city through job creation.

It will also increase the number of parking spaces on Mary Street and facilitate the proposed creation of a pedestrian path.

The grant will be paid in three installments over two years.

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