Road safety

7X Welfare organizes a road safety awareness campaign

The 7X Welfare Team in association with the Noida Traffic Police organized an awareness campaign during which people were sensitized on traffic rules and road safety at the intersection of Sector 21/ 25 on February 12, 2022.

The 2020 NCRB report shows that about 1.31 lakh people lost their lives in road accidents. In such concern, it has been seen that if people are taken to hospital in time when there is an accident, then the accidents can be reduced by 50%. However, people not wearing an ISI helmet, driving fast, walking backwards, driving after drinking, ignoring traffic rules become causes of death in traffic accidents.

In this campaign, 7X Welfare Association members Jayendra Gangwar, Rakesh Yadav, Shripal along with the Noida Traffic Police supported the cause of road safety and raised awareness among commuters of all age groups.

During the awareness campaign, riders of two-wheelers who rode without a helmet were stopped and guided on the importance of wearing a helmet. Drivers have been made aware of the importance of seat belts. Reflective strips have been affixed to cycles, rickshaws, tractors, trucks and less visible areas such as barricades.

Anjali Sachdeva, social activist and 7X welfare volunteer, said: “We explained the importance of reflective strips and also made commuters understand that change starts with individual steps. Accidents can only be reduced by raising awareness with the cooperation of the general public and through such campaigns.

Assotech Windsor Court resident and 7X Wellbeing Volunteer Sanjeev said: “Just wearing the helmet without putting the padlock on is very life threatening. People wear helmets just for the namesake. We pointed out to them that don’t wear a helmet for fear of the challan, but for your own safety. Additionally, we emphasized that the zebra crossing is not for them to wait for the green light, but to wait for pedestrians to cross.”

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Sonu Yadav, President of Team Yuva and 7X Social Traffic Volunteer, said, “We are on a mission to reduce the number of road accident fatalities and make life safer for commuters. During our awareness campaign, we saw many private and government vehicles with drivers without seatbelts. The rules must be followed by all universally. Many drivers have been impressed by the campaign and have become traffic volunteers by educating others. »

The 7X Wellness team is continuously working with the traffic police with the aim of raising awareness of all age groups in Noida.