Road safety

A761: Councilor James MacLaren concerned about road safety

A CAMPAIGN adviser has denounced an ‘astonishing delay’ in painting white markings on a busy road.

James MacLaren has been urging Renfrewshire Council to improve safety measures on the A761 road from Brookfield to Bridge of Weir for over a year, but no work has been done so far.

The Tory MP was told the white lines had to be painted by September 23, the deadline given by council chiefs to the contractor.

However, this deadline was not met, with the local authority citing bad weather as the reason.

Councilor MacLaren, who represents Bishopton, Bridge of Weir and Langbank, told The Gazette: “It is absolutely amazing that this work has still not been done.

“I’ve been asking the board to paint these white lines on the crucial A761 for over a year and I’m so annoyed and completely frustrated.

“Alongside voters I was told the deadline for this was September 23, but that has been and is over, but the contractor has avoided punishment so far.”

Councilor MacLaren, who is also asking for cat’s eyes on the stretch of road, believes the lack of progress means motorist safety is now at risk as winter weather approaches.

He fears the work won’t be finished until next spring and has asked that the contractor be penalized for missing the deadline.

“This road is vital to our local communities and these white lines are in desperate need of upgrading,” he said.

“Motorists will again be at risk during the winter period, with bad weather and completely missing and discolored lines.

“I will continue to fight to get those lines painted urgently and to stop the council dithering on implementing this basic safety measure.”

Council leaders said they take safety issues very seriously and “share Councilor MacLaren’s views on the importance of refurbishing road markings and cat’s eyes on the A761”.

A spokesperson added: “We regret that weather conditions did not allow the markings to be applied within the time frame indicated.

“No penalties are imposed on contractors for circumstances beyond their control, such as the weather, but we do try to ensure that the work is completed before winter.