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America’s Oldest Cheese Factory Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Nothing Gouda can remain: the country’s leading cheese supplier has been rendered insolvent.

Alleva Dairy, the Little Italy deli that claims to be the oldest in the country, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Despite the huge setback, the cheddar vendor plans to continue tossing brie even though it’s teetering on the brink.

“After months of serious attempts to pay the owner in full, Alleva Dairy and the owner of 188 Grand Street in New [York] could not reach an agreement to pay the arrears of rent,” read a statement sent Thursday by the dairy seller, which was established in 1892. “In addition, the landlord refused to honor the remainder of Alleva’s 10-year lease. As a result, Alleva Dairy, Inc filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The rent arrears in question accrued during the COVID-19 pandemic, during which time the Manhattan institution failed to pay a total of $509,106 of its $23,756-a-month rent, it previously reported. reported The Post. The fact that many neighborhood restaurants, which spent a lot of cheddar on its cheeses, were closed for much of the pandemic – a huge financial loss for the store – has also been difficult for the mozzarella merchant during the coronavirus.

Alleva dairy in 2008.
Christian Johnstone
alleva dairy records for chapter 11
The store is grossly behind on rent, its landlord says.
Christopher Sadowski
alleva dairy records for chapter 11
The pandemic has hurt many of the seller’s normal revenue streams.
Christopher Sadowski
alleva dairy records for chapter 11
Owner Karen King.
Christopher Sadowski

Alleva’s owner, Jerome G. Stabile III Realty, filed a lawsuit against the ricotta vendor in Manhattan Supreme Court last April, seeking “permission to evict you from the location in question if you don’t pay not the price of judgment”.

At a later hearing, landlord Karen King and her lawyer offered not only to pay $250,000 immediately, but also to pay off the term of the lease. But the proposal was rejected – the owner’s lawyer refused, according to King’s lawyer.

“Today is one of the saddest days in the 130-year history of this illustrious landmark in Little Italy,” King lamented in a press release announcing both the store’s bankruptcy and decision to stay. open. “We will continue to strive to keep Alleva Dairy alive.”