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Audi and Navistar team up for road safety

Audi and Navistar announced that they are working together to improve road safety, especially with Audi drivers, emergency vehicle drivers and school bus drivers.

The partnership is designed to improve road safety by providing real-time warnings with the aim of reducing accidents and more.

Audi and Navistar have partnered to further develop and demonstrate C-V2X technology that can improve safety in Navistar emergency vehicles and school buses. The partnership allows the two companies to develop use cases and safety improvement demonstrations closely together as part of the Volkswagen Group. The first deployments are expected to begin this summer.

While the transportation industry as a whole has made great safety improvements over the years, C-V2X technology is a major step towards safer mobility for drivers, students, paramedics, patients and more. Audi and Navistar, together with Applied Information and Traffic Control Corporation, have partnered to research how to improve driver safety and information in school zones, school bus stops and emergency vehicle situations. Connected vehicle technology has the potential to prevent some of the approximately 25,000 injuries and 100 school zone fatalities reported each year. 1 – An NHSTA study of ambulance crashes over a 20-year period estimates that 1,500 injuries and 29 deaths are attributed to ambulance crashes on average per year.

You can find more information about the new partnership with Audi and Navistar on Audi’s website at the link below.


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