Road safety

Ayr pupils reminded of road safety with a fun mascot visit

Pupils at Kincaidston Primary School in Ayr were treated to a special visit from the adorable Road Safety Scotland character Ziggy, reminding them of the importance of staying safe on the roads during the summer holidays.

The visit was a competition prize won by the school as part of the ongoing ‘Go Safe with Ziggy’ campaign.

Ziggy joined the youth and teachers for recess before settling in for a storytelling session with “Ziggy’s Sunny Holiday”, one of seven books available for ELC and P1 classes to order free of charge.

Students enjoyed story time with Ziggy

Kerri Houston, Head Teacher at Kincaidston, said, “Having Ziggy’s visit to the school was just brilliant and a great way to reinforce the traffic safety messages we taught our children in the classroom.

Michael McDonnell, director of Road Safety Scotland, added: “It is important that children are immersed in positive road safety attitudes from an early age, both in the classroom and at home.

“Ziggy is a fun character with an important role and tours like these will help practice invaluable skills and create lasting memories.”

Written by children’s author Lynda Kennedy and illustrated by Lynn Taylor, the Go Safe with Ziggy books are available free of charge at all early learning and childcare centers and P1 classrooms in Scotland.

Books can be ordered at