Road safety

Children at King’s Oak Primary campaign for road safety

Children at KING’S Oak Primary face a major new road safety campaign designed to reduce casualties.

The students have partnered with the Greenock Co-op for their ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’ initiative, which aims to keep people safe when walking around in the dark.

Together, they worked on a poster contest with the fourth and third primary classes.

The winners were Isla MacLeod, seven, and her classmate Jack Gunn, six.

School Principal Kirstin Glancy said: ‘When colleagues from Co-op Funeralcare in Greenock approached us about hosting a drawing competition for Be Safe, Be Seen, we were immediately keen to share this important message with our students.

“Teaching students about road safety and staying alert while traveling around town is always a priority for us, especially now that the nights are getting darker.

“We are encouraging families across our community to talk openly with their children about safety as we head into the darker months, and are considering creating high-visibility badges or signs for little ones to wear when they navigate the streets.”

Isla and Jack, who said they enjoyed participating in the drawing contest, look forward to going to the cinema with a gift voucher they won.

Nicole Ross, of Co-op Funeralcare in Greenock, said: ‘As we approach darker winter nights, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some best practices on how to stay safe while traveling in town.

“We hope that by engaging school children in a fun and creative challenge, we can really drive home the importance of staying alert.

“In our industry we have seen far too many young people die in road accidents, which is why we thought it was so important for us to get involved and make sure that the children in our community know how to protect themselves and stay safe on the darkest winter nights.