Road safety

City launches Kingston Neighborhood Traffic Safety Pilot

Photo by Josie Vallier.

Ahead of the start of the school year, the City of Kingston hopes to improve road safety and support active commuting to schools through a neighborhood pilot project.

Starting this month, the City will launch the project in two Kingston neighborhoods – Strathcona Park and Westwoods. According to a City news release, this work includes the introduction of a neighborhood-wide 40 km/h speed limit using new “gateway” speed limit signs.

“Area speed limits set a consistent standard for safer driving in these neighborhoods,” said Matt Kussin, transportation policy and program manager. “Rather than posted speed limit signs along each road in the neighborhood, 40 km/h “ZONE” signs will be installed on the roads in the neighborhood at the entry and exit points of the main roads that border the neighborhood. .”

The pilot project includes further reductions in the speed limit to 30 km/h through posted signs along Lancaster Drive and McMahon Avenue in school zones, according to the release.

The City said new Community Safety Zones will also be introduced to encourage safe and careful driving around schools, especially where families can walk or bike to school. Fines for many traffic violations, including speeding, are doubled in these areas, the statement said, to encourage safe driving and improve compliance with posted speed limits.

“Traffic-calming measures will be installed in school zones to reinforce regulatory changes in neighborhoods,” the city said in the statement. “These measures will include new pavement messaging, flexible bollards and a speed display device along every school frontage on Lancaster Drive and McMahon Avenue.”

According to the City, signage installation and preparation work is currently underway. The signs and associated regulatory changes are expected to be in place by mid-August.

The two pilot areas of the initial project include:

  • Westwoods: a neighborhood bordered by Princess Street to the north, Bayridge Drive to the east, Taylor Kidd Boulevard to the south, and Collins Bay Road to the west. This area includes Mother Teresa Catholic Elementary School, Lancaster Drive Public School, Holy Cross High School, and Kingston Christian School.
  • Strathcona Park: Bordered by John Counter Boulevard to the north, Sir John A. MacDonald Boulevard to the east, Princess Street to the south, and Portsmouth Avenue to the west. This area includes Lord Strathcona Public School and St. Paul’s Catholic School.
Concept map that describes regulatory changes in the Westwoods neighborhood. Image via City of Kingston.
Concept map that describes regulatory changes in the Strathcona Park neighborhood. Image via City of Kingston.

Visit the City’s website to learn more about this project.