Road safety

Clacks Police are organizing a four-day road safety operation

CLACKS residents’ concerns about road safety were addressed by police last week during a four-day operation.

Officers from the Clackmannanshire Community Policing Team carried out a road safety operation across Clackmannanshire from Tuesday March 22 to Friday March 25.

The objective of this operation was to fight against vehicles in poor condition, to document infringements and to make road users aware of the dangers of speeding.

During the four-day operation, officers checked a total of 1,591 vehicles on the Clackmannanshire road network.

Following checks, 12 vehicles turned out to be driving without valid insurance.

Two drivers did not have a driver’s license for the category of vehicle they were driving, one driver was charged with reckless driving and three vehicles were seized by the police.

Seven other tickets were issued for vehicles without a valid MOT certificate.

Sergeant Ally Goldie, of the Clackmannanshire Community Policing Team, said: ‘This operation was a direct response to local concerns about road safety in Clackmannanshire.

“The operation has been designed to provide education and application, where necessary, in all aspects of road safety, all to make Clackmannanshire’s roads safer for all.”