Road safety

Ctrack Targets Fleet Risk and Road Safety with New AI Dash Cam

Ctrack by Inseego has launched an AI dashcam designed to prevent incidents by addressing fleet risks as they occur. The Ctrack AI camera combines the technology of forward-facing and driver-facing cameras, using machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV and AI) to detect and help drivers self-correct dangerous or distracted behavior. Fleets can now use AI dashcam to improve road safety, better protect drivers and reduce associated insurance costs.

“We use the latest advances in artificial intelligence and machine vision to create smart vehicle cameras that have a positive impact on road safety,” explains Steve Thomas, Managing Director of Ctrack by Inseego. “Over 90% of accidents are the result of human error, so any technology that enables drivers to take corrective action and reduce risk to the fleet will yield meaningful results. Our AI dash cams can help prevent collisions before they happen, providing a clear advantage over traditional video telematics that simply record collisions.

The forward-facing camera captures high-quality images of the road ahead, while the driver-facing lens provides a better understanding of risky behaviors and in-vehicle distractions, such as using a mobile device, eating and drinking, and eyes off the road. MV and AI capabilities work together to identify and assess risks inside and outside the vehicle, so the driver can be notified of any issues and images uploaded to the cloud for review by the fleet manager , if necessary.

“What we saw in our first in-vehicle trials of the AI ​​dashcam is a positive response not only from the fleet manager, who gets a more complete picture of the risk, but also from the driver. When asked for feedback, the overwhelming response from drivers is that any initial reluctance has been replaced by an understanding that cameras have a positive effect on risky driving habits and improve their safety,” concludes Thomas.