Road safety

District road safety committee meeting held in Ramgarh


Ramgarh: On Saturday, a district road safety committee meeting was held at Collectorate Hall under the chairmanship of Ramgarh Deputy Commissioner Madhavi Mishra.

A discussion regarding the time limit for banning entry into Ramgarh urban area took place in the presence of Mishra and Superintendent of Police Piyush Pandey. The deputy commissioner ordered to strictly follow the entry ban rules. During the meeting, attention was drawn to the issue of traffic problem due to passing of buses in Ramgarh urban area by NCO Mohammad Javed Hussain, on which the Deputy Commissioner did not authorize any heavy passenger vehicle driving through Ramgarh urban area. area and all necessary instructions have been given to ensure that large passenger vehicles exit the city from the bus stop via Patel Chowk only.

In view of the problems faced by the common people due to the dilapidated condition of the road near Kothar Over Bridge, at the meeting the Deputy Commissioner ordered Project Officer NHAI Ranchi to have the road repaired . Traffic problem due to animal movement near Chatti Bazar and Subhash Chowk in Ramgarh urban area, the Deputy Commissioner and Superintendent of Police has given many important instructions to check it.

In view of the problems encountered in the traffic system due to the encroachment, the Deputy Commissioner ordered to strictly deal with the problem of the encroachment. For this, the Deputy Commissioner gave the necessary instructions to the officers regarding the removal of encroachments from various areas of Ramgarh including Gola DVC Chowk.

The Deputy Commissioner said that if a person dies in a road accident, a compensation amount of up to Rs 1 lakh is paid to the dependent through the Disaster Response Fund of the State, the same compensation in cases of hit-and-run is provided. Along with this, for the person who takes the victim to the hospital at the time of the accident, an incentive amount of Rs 5000 is given by the state government to the affected person. In this regard, the deputy commissioner ordered all administrative and police officers to publicize them widely and to intervene promptly when such cases arise and to compensate those concerned.

During the meeting, Superintendent of Police Piyush Pandey ordered the officers concerned to take necessary measures to install sufficient number of street lights with the aim of preventing accidents on national highways and highways.