Road safety

DVSA Earned Recognition launches TfL module to support road safety

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) flagship recognition program has been accredited by Transport for London (TfL) and helps member operators bid for TfL contracts.

A newly launched ‘TfL’ earned recognition module will allow accredited operators to access business opportunities which may include construction, logistics, freight and passenger transport.

The module also gives TfL access to more compliant and safe vehicle operators when awarding contracts.

It offers operators a choice of membership programs to compete for opportunities.

DVSA Recognition is a free, voluntary compliance program. It helps operators demonstrate to DVSA and their contractors and customers that they are meeting driver and vehicle standards.

Earned Recognition operators have approved reporting systems that share summary performance data with the DVSA Earned Recognition team. If the won reconnaissance team identifies any issues in this data, they will assist the member operator to resolve them.

This transparent relationship allows DVSA to have confidence in the safe operations of Earned Recognition members, allowing enforcement resources to be targeted at non-compliant operators who pose the greatest risk to road safety.

The TfL Earned Recognition Module forms part of the requirements to comply with TfL’s Work Related Road Risk (WRRR) contract clause. The module is optional and is in addition to the recently updated auditing standards that operators must demonstrate to qualify for deserved recognition.

Updates were made to the Earned Recognition audit process in June 2022, to help operators demonstrate policies covering the highest standards of road safety, well-being, environmental protection and the community.

Around 10% of the UK’s national heavy-duty vehicle fleet has now achieved Recognition Accreditation and meets these driver and vehicle standards. More than half (52.2%) of them have 100 or fewer vehicles and a number have just one, underscoring the accessibility of DVSA recognition for vehicle operators of all sizes.

The TfL Earned Recognition Module further demonstrates how meeting the Earned Recognition Standard can unlock a growing list of business benefits while improving road safety across Britain.

DVSA Chief Executive Loveday Ryder said: “We are delighted to be working with TfL on the Earned Recognition Program.

“This demonstrates a growing confidence of the authorities in the deserved recognition, as a guarantee of responsible, aware and safe operators.

“Ultimately, our focus at DVSA is road safety, and we hope this announcement will further inspire operators to aspire to be exemplary and to be among the safest in the industry.”

Further information on the TfL program and module can be found on GOV.UK or by emailing