Road safety

End of mock exercise across Punjab for road safety

Punjab Police on Saturday conducted a cordon and search operation (CASO) in all 28 police districts in the state in an effort to ‘sow fear among the anti-social elements and instill a sense of security among ordinary people”.

Led by Director General of Police (DGP) of Punjab Gaurav Yadav, the operation was carried out from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. simultaneously across the state.

Senior officers from the Punjab Police Headquarters have been delegated to each Police District to personally supervise the operation in notorious localities and villages to carry out this operation as part of a massive deployment of the forces of police, an official spokesman said. The selected locations are meant to be havens for drug dealers, criminals and anti-social elements,

Yadav joined Additional DGP (Law and Order) Ishwar Singh in Mohali to conduct operations in different companies. He said that with the current government adopting a zero tolerance policy against drugs and gangsters, such operations would continue until the threat of drugs and gangsters is completely eradicated from Punjab.

“Since we have tightened the noose around drug traffickers and gangsters, I would like to warn these anti-social elements to leave the state voluntarily or else the Punjab Police will deal with them with a heavy hand,” the DGP said.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the operation, Yadav said the top priority was to further strengthen the fight against drugs, make Punjab a drug-free state, in addition to eradicating gangster culture, maintaining public order and to detect crime.

He said basic policing of keeping watch in vulnerable places and being proactive in dealing with any untoward situation would be revived and police stations would be upgraded.

Speaking on whether the operation would create any problems for the residents, the DGP said the operation was being carried out for the safety of the residents and the residents’ welfare societies had also been given confidence before. to carry out this operation. “We have strictly requested all police personnel to treat every resident in a friendly and polite manner while carrying out door-to-door checks during this operation,” Yadav said, adding that residents appreciated this. Punjab effort. Police.

Such operations will also help activate and mobilize police forces by establishing direct contact with the public, an official spokesperson said.