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Finn Harps Academy and Road Safety Task Force team up to… – Donegal Daily

Finn Harps Academy and the Donegal Road Safety Task Force will host the inaugural Donegal Road Safety Autumn Cup on Thursday 29th September at the Finn Harps Academy grounds in Killygordon.

This primary school football competition for boys and girls will feature twenty-four teams from Donegal.

John Campbell, Schools Co-ordinator, said: “Finn Harps Academy is delighted that at this early stage in the school year, we are running this very prestigious primary school competition with our partners, the Safety Task Force road from Donegal.

“This competition will be a great opportunity for children to enjoy competing and meeting other children from other schools and to continue to promote road safety in our schools.

“We are also delighted to have the help of ACL students from Finn Valley College, to help us during the competition.”

Brian O Donnell, Road Safety Officer, Donegal Council, who is the sole sponsor of this very important competition, said the partnership with Finn Harps Academy allows the council to create links with schools and communities which are invaluable to them. as they continue to promote road safety in Donegal.

“This competition should be very competitive and enjoyable for all children involved and we are delighted to support the Road Safety Autumn Cup.

“With the support of Finn Harps, we will be able to reach more young people and remind them to contribute to greater awareness of the dangers on our roads.

“Children are among our most vulnerable road users, so we all have a responsibility to ensure they develop good road safety habits from an early age.”

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