Road safety

Great Harwood School asks council for increased road safety after accident

A school council has sent a letter to Lancashire County Council asking for arrangements to be put in place outside their school to increase safety after a recent incident.

Great Harwood St Bartholomew CE Primary School contacted County Council after two of their pupils were involved in an incident on a busy road outside their school on September 27.

In the letter, the pupils said the children and staff felt worried and anxious about the incident and wondered if the council could help by changing the speed limit, adding speed bumps or using signs to remind people that this is a school zone with lots of children. and families crossing at rush hour and they could do that by having a banner contest.

In response to the school council, Lancashire County Council road safety officer Angela Johnson has provided the school with a primary school toolkit with the resources she has to keep her friends safe when they are out and about in the local community.

Angela also said that the board will provide the school with a free banner with designs from the banner contest that the students mentioned in their letter.

Responding to the school council, Michael White, Roads Enforcement Officer for Lancashire County Council, also said: ‘There are many rules about bringing in speed bumps and unfortunately they would not be possible at this place.

“The road already has a 20mph speed limit and this is indicated by the signs at either end of the street and the small repeating signs at intervals along the road.

“I have spoken to my traffic colleagues about the entrance to the park and although we cannot put speed bumps in place, we will ensure that painted ’20s’ are placed near the entrance on the road. to remind drivers of the road speed limit.

Beth Nelson, head of Key Stage Two at St Bartholomew, said student safety is vital outside of school.

She said: “As a school, we hoped to raise more awareness by being on the other side of the school.

“We have Lowerfold Park next to us so it’s not very obvious that the school is here and on this side it’s obvious but on the other side a lot of our families are crossing, crossing the park to get to to school so traffic using Lowerfold Road don’t know the school is there or that we have children walking there at certain times of the day.

“So we just want more signage so people know we have school and so in the morning and then back home again we have a lot of families coming through.

“We want to raise awareness so people know and the council offered us a competition within the school so that we can teach pupils about this safety while telling drivers that there are young people walking in the piece.”

Since approaching the council, the school has also contacted the local councilor, Noordad Aziz.

Cllr Aziz provided the school with a “Slow Down, Save Lives” banner which was placed in front of the school near the park so drivers know to drive slowly.

He said: “I think anything that can help road safety, I’m 100 per cent for it.

“I am really delighted with the proactivity of the school council in contacting me and of the county council in putting road safety on the agenda.

“We should work with the schools to see how we can make the area and the schools safer, but also to encourage more parents to walk to reduce traffic around the schools.”