Road safety

Group formed to address Tatnam Road safety issues

RESIDENTS denounced the BCP Council saying that speeding and dangerous driving were already back on their road.

The controversial reopening of Tatnam Road in Poole has been called into question, with no traffic calming measures implemented and residents struggling to get answers from leaders.

Poole Road has been the source of contention for more than two years after being subject to a trial closure in response to a growing number of speeding offences.

Last December, the cabinet of the BCP Council decided to reopen the road to traffic – a decision hailed by motorists angered by an apparent increase in traffic, and criticized by residents and some councilors who called the decision “a political ploy “.

Today, about sixty inhabitants are mobilizing. The Tatnam Road Safety Group was formed to communicate to the council the desire for more traffic calming measures as speeding and dangerous driving have “already returned” to the road.

Tatnam Road in Poole

Since the road reopened at 20mph, no further calming measures have been implemented – which a spokesperson for the group says has residents wondering what was “the point of the closure in the first place”.

“We cannot get answers from elected officials on what they plan to do about security issues.

“We have to make it clear that we are not anti-motorists or anti-cars, most of us drive cars ourselves. What we are, however, are anti-aggressive speeders and unfortunately speeders are back.

The group added that it had received virtually no response from council representatives about their concerns, suggestions dismissed by the authority.

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A BCP Council spokesperson said: “We are reviewing all sites where safety concerns have been raised by members of the public. Our process then involves comparing the number of accidents at each site to ensure that we are prioritizing the money available, spending it where it is likely to be most effective in reducing the number of casualties.

“Tatnam Road will be included in this process alongside others.

“Any inquiries or concerns from Tatnam Road residents are answered by our officers who aim to respond within 10 working days. We are not aware of any ongoing investigation on Tatnam Road that has gone beyond this.

Despite this response, the action group says their concerns have gone unaddressed. They added: “It may be naive but we are surprised at the lack of response, it is as if we do not exist. Looks like they just want us to leave, but we’re not going to.

“We are concerned about the real dangers of speeding drivers who are already back. We feel [BCP] should have the integrity to say “we’ve reopened but we’ve heeded what you said and here’s what we’re going to do”.

“It only strengthens the resolve on our side.”

Previously, Parkstone councilor Anne Stribley said the council could “certainly consider” measures such as speed bumps and constructions if there was reason to do so.