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Henrico will use state funding to improve pedestrian road safety

HENRICO, Va. (WWBT) – Henrico County will use millions of dollars in public funding to keep pedestrians safe on the roads.

“After dark, the lighting is terrible,” said resident Cynthia Jefferson. “You can barely see people here. It’s crazy.”

The lights are just one of many issues Jefferson says she would like to see changed along Nine Mile Road in Henrico’s East End.

Jefferson lives nearby and says this intersection sees a lot of foot traffic with no crosswalks.

Last Saturday, a man was struck and killed on Nine Mile Road at the busy Kenway Avenue intersection.

While the accident is under investigation, it is the sixth pedestrian fatality in Henrico County this year.

“I see people with disabilities trying to cross the street with walkers, wheelchairs, people with children, pregnant women,” Jefferson said.

She says she contacted the Virginia Department of Transportation for a year to resolve the issue.

“Still no calls received from VDOT,” Jefferson said. “As a resident, VDOT needs to get up and do its job.”

NBC12 reached out to VDOT for a statement Monday about Jefferson’s efforts.

“The result was that this investigation became part of the demand for improvement at this intersection,” VDOT spokeswoman Melanie Stoke said. “A project is currently being designed and will be tendered to improve the intersection of Nine Mile Road and Kenway Avenue, which includes crosswalks and push buttons.”

Henrico County Director of Public Works Terrell Hughes said $17 million will be allocated to build new sidewalks, rebuild intersections and create pedestrian accommodations along Nine Mile Road. . Hughes says they won’t start making progress until mid-2024.

“It’s not as fast as we would like, but we are moving forward with projects to address these issues,” Hughes said.

Hughes says an additional $31 million in state funding could be allocated for traffic safety, but he says they won’t know until January.