Road issues

Highlighting issues with roads in the Borough of Scarborough

The condition of some roads in the Borough of Scarborough requires urgent attention according to local councilors.

The Forge Valley and Overdale roads were identified as being of particular concern at last week’s county council meeting.

Eastfield Councilor – Tony Randerson – had a number of concerns about the road at Overdale.

Councilor Randerson described the condition of the roadway from Overdale to Eastfield as “appalling, disgusting”, saying it had not been repaved for about 30 years.

Tony Randerson also said he had spent years lobbying council for some roads to be redone, but those in some areas, such as Scarborough and Selby, seemed to be lower on the priority list than those in Harrogate and Knaresborough.

He said:

“Becoming a unitary authority isn’t going to be good for places like Scarborough and Selby, and Eastfield in particular, because it’s hard enough to get the necessary services. What will it look like when ruled by Northallerton? »

Derwent Valley Councilor David Jeffels said Forge Valley also needed attention.

North Yorkshire County Council has recognized for more than a decade that it faces a backlog of road repairs amounting to hundreds of millions of pounds and has responded by prioritizing routes.

In response to recent complaints, council executive member responsible for transport, Councilor Keane Duncan, has embarked on a tour of the county’s 89 constituencies to hear local concerns about road conditions.

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