Road safety

Holt Fleet caravan park expansion gets green light despite road safety fears

A village caravan park beside the River Severn will be allowed to expand despite road safety concerns.

Holt Fleet Caravan Park had its plan to make room for another 50 static holiday caravans at its Holt Heath site near Worcester narrowly approved by councillors.

Several other objections referenced road safety in their concerns, saying the A4133 via Holt Fleet was a “busy, high speed and narrow road” with a large amount of HGV traffic, “many” bends blind, “unsatisfactory” paths and “dangerous” junctions. .

Wychavon District Council’s Planning Committee approved the plan by eight votes to six with one abstention at a meeting in Pershore on Thursday February 3.

Opponents feared that moving more caravans to the site would create more traffic and see more people crossing the road and it was ‘only a matter of time before a very serious incident occurs’ .

Ombersley parish councilor Judy Goodman said excessive speed on the main road had been a concern for several years and it was ‘only a matter of time’ before there was a serious accident.

Cllr Goodman said the parish council was struggling to understand why neighboring claims had been turned down for the motorway plots, but an extension of the caravan park by 50 plots was backed.

Cllr Tony Miller said highways officers had investigated the busy A4133 between Holt Fleet and Droitwich and a decision could not be made until the results were released.

Worcestershire County Council Highways Officers have been working to improve road safety around Holt Fleet and have several proposed improvements – including changes to entrances, new signs and improvements to some of the private roads in the park – which should be set up first.

Cllr Audrey Steel said the council’s highways department needed to “get off its high horse” and listen to local opinion, but Cllr Tony Rowley said he struggled to see how the plan could be turned down.

“I would find it very difficult to recommend a denial for political reasons,” he told the committee. “I think that’s in line with the policy.”

“We can’t object to it on the lands of the highways, there was no objection from the highways. There were negotiations [between highways and the caravan park]despite what Cllr Steel said.

“They looked at the issues.”