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How Angus School Reduced Air Pollution and Increased Road Safety

Air pollution has dropped significantly while road safety has increased around an Angus Primary School.

Monitors installed outside Ferryden Primary School about six months ago revealed a decrease in air pollution around the school.

The data coincides directly with the introduction of a traffic exclusion zone on the only road with direct access to the school by Angus Council last August.

Traffic around Montrose School at morning drop-off time has been reduced by 37.5% since the exclusion zone was put in place, and by 68.5% at pick-up time. afternoon load.

Principal of the school, Michelle Mackay, explains that as a result, road safety around the school has improved and many more children are now walking all or part of the way to school.

She said: ‘We only have one entrance and exit to school and it was quite crowded.

“Now parents cannot park outside the school during drop off and pick up and if they do they will be ticketed by the parking attendant, who visits often.

“It has made the area safer for children and the knock-on effect is that it has reduced air pollution.”

Ms Mackay says some parents are now choosing to leave cars in nearby places identified as parking areas by the council and walk the rest of the way, while there has also been an increase in children walking all the way along the way to school.

This – along with school work, including a ‘Park Smart’ project with P4-7 pupils and ‘Bikeability’ cycling training with P6 and P7 – has increased children’s activity levels.

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The school was one of three Angus schools to trial part-time traffic exclusion zones, the others being Langland Primary school, in Forfar and Muirfield Elementary school, in Arbroath.

The projects proved so successful that the board’s communities committee agreed to make the exclusion zones outside these three schools permanent.

Similar traffic exclusion zones are to be tested around five other Angus schools:

  • And more Primary school, Brechin
  • South Esk Elementary School, Montrose
  • Letham Primary School, Carnoustie
  • Lif Primary School, Carnoustie
  • Carlogy Primary School, Carnoustie

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[How Angus school reduced air pollution and increased road safety]