Road safety

iRAD: Beginning of Ludhiana police training to strengthen road safety

To prepare the police to be part of the Integrated Road Accident Database (iRAD) project – an initiative of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways aimed at improving road safety – and to make it operational, training were held Monday on police lines.

According to officials, the project would be helpful in reducing road accidents in the city.

As a first step, all police stations in the city have been trained to report traffic accidents on the iRAD mobile application as well as videos and photos. The traffic police will help the police stations in the task.

Additional Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP, Traffic) Sandeep Kumar said: “Once police personnel enter the details of the traffic accident, a unique identification code will be generated and the information will be sent to the relevant department – municipal corporation or public works department (PWD).Department engineers will then visit the accident site and add additional information including the road design.In addition, the team analyzing the details will propose corrective measures, if necessary.

The ADCP added that the objective of the project is to create an integrated database of road accidents, which would be used to improve road safety.

In 2020, no less than 281 people lost their lives in 388 road accidents, while in 2019, a total of 365 people died in 526 road accidents in Ludhiana.

The traffic police have already identified 91 accident-prone places in the city, ten of which are the most vulnerable. Uneven road surface, holes in pits, lack of road markings, encroachments, cuts in road dividers, absence of traffic lights and turn signals are the main reasons for accidents.