Road safety

Joint Road Safety Authority and Gaelic Players Association Road Safety Message

The Road Safety Authority (RSA) and the Gaelic Players Association (GPA) call on all motorists to prioritize their driving performance and never to drive drunk. The advice comes as RSA and GPA launch a new campaign to educate the public about maintaining absolute concentration behind the wheel, with the warning that even a single drink can hurt performance on the roads.

The # NotEven1 campaign reminds motorists that “not even a” drink should be drunk by anyone considering driving a car or motorcycle. The campaign is supported by All-Ireland senior goalkeepers Sarah Healy (Galway), Nickie Quaid (Limerick), Monica McGuirk (Meath) and Niall Morgan (Tyrone).

Launched at tonight’s PwC All-Stars Awards on RTE One, a special edition jersey for each of the winning All Ireland goalkeepers will be revealed with the words ‘Not Even’ on number 1 on their backs. This initiative is part of an ongoing collaboration between RSA and GPA to encourage positive driving behavior and help reduce fatalities and serious injuries on Irish roads.

Sam Waide, CEO of the Road Safety Authority, said: “RSA is delighted to partner with the Gaelic Players Association to launch this great road safety campaign. I would also like to highlight the leadership role that the GPA has played in promoting road safety in recent years with the RSA. In this campaign, we ask motorists to think of driving like the country’s top athletes do when they prepare for a match: nothing is more important than staying focused, keeping a high level of performance and driving. mental acuity when driving. You put all of this at risk if you take even one drink and drive. So the message must be “not even one”. It just isn’t worth the risk.

Tom Parsons, CEO of the Gaelic Players Association, said: “The Gaelic Players Association is proud to work with our long-time partner, the Road Safety Authority, to bring together the 4 winning senior goalkeepers from across Ireland for 2021 in order to support this very important message in the preparation of the Christmas festivities. The players know their responsibilities as role models and leaders within their communities and Sarah, Monica, Nickie and Niall didn’t have to ask twice to support this campaign.

“We fully endorse the ‘Not Even One’ message and urge people across the island to heed it at all times.”

The # NotEven1 campaign video can be viewed here