Road issues

Kerala PWD secy orders officials to resolve road issues reported through the app within four days

Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Public Works Department Secretary has ordered the relevant officials to resolve the issues reported through the PWD 4U app within four days.

The department rolled out the app to help citizens report road-related issues or suggest solutions for improvement. However, resolution of the issue has been slow, evoking complaints. There are allegations that the respective engineers are not quick to resolve reported issues. Complaints about this have been filed with the PWD PA Minister Muhammad Riyas.

The order of the secretary of the department arrives at this time. Other important directives in order related to the application are:

The executive engineer should be the first person to contact the complainant and the official is expected to interact or request details from the person

The assistant executive engineer must log into the software three times a day to check if there are any new complaints

The Kerala State Transport Project (KSTP) Information Unit will forward the complaint to the site engineer and the unit is expected to update the matter to the complainant

If the problem is not solved within four days, the relevant executive engineer must record the reason in the software.

The nodal officer must check if the problem is solved within the given time frame