Road issues

LawCo Residents Address County Road Issues with Quorum Court | Shipping hours

The Lawrence County Quorum Court met in regular session at the Lawrence County Courthouse on May 9 with eight members present. At the meeting, several concerned citizens approached members of the court to discuss their issues with the county’s current road conditions.

Judge John Thomison discussed the amount of money that has been allocated in Lawrence County for county road gravel and said weather was also an issue over which the road department had no control. Judge Thomison concluded that he and the highways department will do what they can with the manpower they have.

Members of the Court approved the Drug Court Grant Fund 3527 for $4,996.16. The total will be split between travel costs, $3,431.16, and supplies, $1,565, for the adult drug court system.

The Quorum Court also created a Juvenile Officer Fund and Budget by Order 3526, totaling $15,000. All members present voted in favor of the ordinance. The justices also approved the payment of the APERS amount for full-time deputies who will receive $5,000 from state funds.

The members of the court agreed to pay the jailers’ compensation time, the amount not exceeding $20,000. Also, they discussed giving jailers a 50 cent per hour raise to help jailers leave to take jobs in other counties because of the salary. All members voted yes.

Also during the meeting, the justices discussed Order 2022-08, which addresses payment for repairs to the Lawrence County Courthouse roof using the Coronavirus Relief Fund instead of the ARPA Revenue Replacement Fund. All members voted in favor of the ordinance.

An order transferring $15,000 of funds from the County General Fund to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department budget was approved. The funds came from an insurance check for a damaged patrol vehicle. All members voted yes.

Judge Junior Briner presented the budget report, which included the lease of the rented graders. The lease increased to $262,000 due to the value of the equipment. By voice vote, the motion is carried.

Minutes from the previous meeting and a treasurer’s report were provided in advance and approved.