Road safety

Lorne, a primary school pupil in Glasgow, wins first prize in road safety

Young cyclist Minsa Khan is banned from braking after beating 5,000 other riders to win this year’s road safety calendar competition.

The nine-year-old from Lorne Street Elementary School was awarded a New Bike for her success in the annual battle to craft the best safety message.

Primary school students participate in the challenge every year, which is organized as part of the Junior Traffic Safety Officer program.

Councilor Anna Richardson, City Councilor for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction, presented the awards with Lorne Street Manager Alex Nicolson.

Anna said: “It’s a fantastic competition that gets young students from all over Glasgow to think and talk about road safety.

“Unfortunately, the competition couldn’t take place in 2020 due to the impact of covid, but it returned this year and the entry level was as high as it always has been.

“Reducing thousands of entries to a single winner is never an easy task, but Minsa’s design has adapted perfectly to the growing atmosphere of cycling in the city. ”

The Junior Road Safety Officer program sees two P6 or P7 students from each elementary school in the city become directly involved in promoting road safety awareness in their school and in the wider community.

With the slogan “Cycling is green and it keeps our world clean”, Minsa’s calendar was judged to perfectly highlight the effort to improve road safety and how cycling can help protect the environment.

A P5 student at Lorne St Elementary School in Kinning Park, Minsa will also receive a new helmet as part of his award.

Lorne St Primary’s junior road safety officers, Muhammed Malek and Maria Djelil, also received gift certificates for their role in organizing the competition at the school.

Anna added: “We want to see more people riding bikes across the city, as this will help reduce the carbon impact of our transportation system.

“But we also want to make sure that people can cycle around the city in the safest way possible and that is why we are developing a plan for an active transport network across Glasgow. Minsa’s timeline perfectly showed the the city’s ambitions for safe cycling and was a worthy winner.

“Minsa was thrilled with her award and I truly hope this is the start of many years of active and enjoyable travel for her.”