Road safety

Meeting of the departmental road safety committee; obsolete vehicles must be phased out, says divisional commissioner

Division Commissioner Sandeep Yadav addresses the Divisional Road Safety Committee meeting in Ujjain on Wednesday | PHOTO PF

Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh): Divisional Commissioner Sandeep Yadav, at a meeting of the divisional traffic safety committee here on Wednesday, ordered collectors from all districts in the division via video conference to pull old vehicles whose certificates of fitness have expired and to campaign against them. He also ordered that all collectors prepare a plan at the district level, which should contain data, contact numbers, etc. of all drivers and accident victims.

The commissioner asked the collectors not to work on the old model. “When major accidents occur, consider specifically how the occurrence of the accident can be reduced or eliminated,” he said, adding that the responsibility of district-level road safety committees has increased, adding that some points are also linked to other districts. . He said meetings of the road safety committee should be held regularly twice a month and suggestions received in the committee should be passed on.

The commissioner said that a road safety policy has also been made in the state. He said that the license of vans or other vehicles taking children to school should be compulsorily checked and the verification of drivers should also be carried out compulsorily. He ordered that physical tests be carried out obligatorily when issuing vehicle permits or when renewing the permit. In addition, it should be ensured that the driver is familiar with driving.

Inspector General of Police Santosh Kumar Singh said that whenever there is a road accident, people are injured and their lives are also lost. “Our effort should be to reduce road accidents,” he said, adding that the result of the work done by various SPs for road safety should be measured and should be reviewed in a month or two and any shortcomings. should be corrected. Launch an awareness campaign, which he led.

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