Road issues

Neighbors in the Dolomites express concern over sinking road issues

DOLOMITE, Ala. (WIAT) – Neighbors in Dolomite said their road is sinking, posing safety concerns. They told CBS 42 that they reported these concerns to the city, but nothing was done to address the issue.

West Smithfield Lane in Dolomite is in a quiet neighborhood with friendly neighbors. But, there is a big problem that disturbs this picturesque street, a sinking road that extends to the street.

Neighbors say the road started leaking in 2019. It has been three years and after several conversations with the city no work has been done and they say the road is only getting worse.

“We have grandkids, kids, we’re out there and right now we’re using one side of the street for travel,” Victoria Fisher Pippen said.

Pippen has lived in the area for over 40 years.

“We got some trucks out, take a look. People came to take pictures, but nothing was done. We voiced our complaints about this, but nothing was done. And you know the one thing we want is safety first,” Pippen said.

She says that over the past three years, the road has become a major safety concern.

“We had three accidents here which could have been catastrophic, but nothing was wasted. So we decided to just call the news,” Pippen said.

CBS 42’s Carly Laing raised her concerns directly with the city, speaking to Birmingham Mayor’s office communications director Rick Journey.

“Yes, the city is very aware of that. I spoke with various departments, capital projects as well as the Department of Transport. He’s on the list for paving. That’s the good news, that’s the information that residents want to know,” said Rick Journey.

Journey said it takes a long time to resolve because they first have to make sure there are no hidden issues.

“There are a few issues that need to be resolved first. Because it’s the sinking that suggests there might be another challenge under the road. So instead of the city moving in immediately and only paving at this point, the city is examining the storm water drainage system below to determine if there is a reason for the current sinking,” Journey said.

Journey said that if the road is cleared, the project could be completed before the end of the year.

Journey said if you need to report a problem with the roadway, you can call 311 and file a complaint.