Road safety

Police officers promote road safety to students | Guam News

Tiyan High School students were educated on the importance of safe driving by members of the Guam Police Department.

On Tuesday morning, GPD, in conjunction with the Office of Highway Safety, presented information on the potential dangers of not following safe driving practices.

The students heard primarily from Constable Morgan Reyes, who spoke about distracted driving and impaired driving. At the same time, other GPD staff present engaged students in simulations.

One of the simulations involved students wearing glasses and trying to pass a sobriety test, which includes walking in a straight line.

Officer Reyes went on to explain how every concrete pole on Guam’s roads can be deadly if drivers are distracted for even a second.

“Pole to pole is about 100 feet, so imagine looking at your phone for a second, you’re driving 35 miles per hour. … How many feet do you think you’ll go in a second ?” Reyes asked the students.

“You go about half that distance,” Reyes said.

Additionally, Reyes used the Tiyan basketball court, which is 94 feet long, to further illustrate the importance of safe driving for the group of students.

“Imagine if I was driving, I looked at my phone for a second, I could wipe out this whole bunch of people,” Reyes added.