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Residents fear the worst due to ‘lack of awareness’ of road safety in Lincolnshire village

Residents fear that a ‘lack of awareness’ of road safety could make a fatal accident inevitable in their village in Lincolnshire.

Residents of Cranwell, near Sleaford, have expressed concern that the road out of their village onto College Road is dangerously used by speeding.

They fear that fluctuating speed limits along the open stretch of the road will “invite” drivers to ignore road safety warnings.

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Sarah Dickinson, 34, who lives on the village’s “dangerous” College Road, said little was done to monitor road safety.

She said: “There is not enough speed awareness in the villages.

“This road is horrible and the police are doing nothing about it.

“We emailed the police about it, asking if we could even have signs just 30mph to put here, but the police responded by email saying they cost £ 10 each .

“They weren’t even willing to come out. I saw a policeman guarding the road in two and a half years of living here.”

As you exit College Road, the speed limit drops from 30mph to the national speed limit of 60mph, but soon drops back down due to nearby Cranwell Elementary School.

Ms Dickinson added: “The speed limits here don’t even seem legal. It goes from a 30, to a 60, to a 30, straight into a school.

“It should be a 40.

“There is a public path by the side of the road and there is not even a metal guard to protect people.

“If a car hit a rock and flew on the path, there would be death.”

Her husband, Ian, 34, added: “They have invested so much money in fixing the traffic problems so that people can get to work on time, but the two exit roads from our village are neglected.

“We are just being ignored.”

He added: “I am outraged that no one seems to care about road safety.

“There are these 30mph speed cameras, but they just fall off.

“The police don’t do anything about speed.

He added that the couple had taken matters into their own hands in an effort to educate people about driving speed.

Mr Dickinson said: “We are leaving our car in front to deliberately slow people down on the road.

“And we put up fences in front. We don’t want our kids to be near the road.”

Ms Dickinson added that accidents like the recent fatal accident involving a 58-year-old delivery driver “simply should not happen”.

A resident of the village for 19 years, Rosalina Durandt, 72, said she saw several accidents in Cranwell.

She said: “They’re racing here from the RAF camp and they don’t see the bend by the post office.

“There’s a wall over there, and some don’t see it.

“I have known it to be demolished and rebuilt three times since I moved here.”

A resident, who declined to be named, said she had already raised the issue with police.

She said: “I have spoken to the police about this road before as they accelerate here to 60mph although it is clearly a 30mph zone.

“Trucks pass by here and people speed around here when there is a diversion.

“It won’t be long before someone dies on this road.”

She added: “It’s a long stretch of road. It just invites bad drivers.”

Lincolnshire Live has contacted Lincolnshire Police for comment, but did not respond in time for the post.

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