Road safety

Road safety tips to help you survive the holiday season

Experts call on all road users to be careful on the road this holiday season.

PHOTO: GALLO IMAGES / Sharon Seretlo

It’s that time of year when everyone seems in a rush to get somewhere on South African roads and the rules don’t seem to apply.

They overtake on blind climbs, some accelerate and some go through the night without taking a break.

And these are some of the factors that lead to a high number of accidents during the holiday season.

Road safety expert Tshepo Machaea says people should avoid being on the road whenever possible. He says those with new cars shouldn’t go home to show them off in December.

“The excitement of a new car can get overwhelming, add that you might not be used to the power of the new car or being a new driver. Rather than risk not making it home, you can show the new car to your family in the New Year. There will be less pressure, ”he said.

Tshepo says new drivers can have documentation to drive in the form of a diver’s license, but that doesn’t mean they’re equipped to drive long distances, across provinces, or that they are perfect conductors.

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“It’s mostly a problem with young people.”

It also urges drivers to stop driving while intoxicated.

“The people who do this are killers,” he says.

“You can’t kill someone, but maybe someone who admires you sees your behavior and thinks it’s the right thing to do. Then when they drive drunk, they don’t. are not as lucky as you and they kill someone.

“Even when people speed up, go over the limit, it’s a very dangerous game to play. Just because your car can go up to 300 km / h, the South African limit is 120 and people have to respect it. . “

He gave the following advice:

  • Rest every 2 hours or 200 km, whichever comes first
  • Plan your trip and take the unforeseen into account in your deadlines
  • Avoid night driving
  • Do pre-trip inspections where you even unlock your lug nuts so that if you need to change the tires during the trip, you know you can unlock them and they’re not too tight.

Eastern Cape Department of Transportation spokesperson Unathi Binqose calls on all drivers to be vigilant.

“We call on them to be extra vigilant, especially this coming weekend, as traffic volume is expected to peak as people return home for the Christmas holidays.

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“Take regular stretch breaks to break up the fatigue of setting up. We know the distances are long and by the time they reach our shores they will be very exhausted. We will have our officers on the ground ready for any eventuality. “, did he declare. .

Unathi says people also need to be alert to the terms of whether.

“When driving conditions are less than ideal, with persistent rain, mist and hail in some cases, dangerous driving conditions with poor visibility as well as wet and slippery conditions.”