Road safety

Sajid Javid’s views on road safety have gone downhill terribly

Sajid Javid weighed in on a road safety debate and it went terribly.

The former cabinet minister who served as Chancellor, Home Secretary and Health Secretary has responded to a video posted by Jeremy Vine’s Twitter show of a child riding a bike down a road and then approaching very close to an approaching car.

The video is filmed by the child’s father and shows a close gap between the child and the car as they pass. The tweet urged people to decide whether they thought the child or the driver of the car was responsible for the close shave.

But Javid, apparently with time to watch TV during the day now that he is back on the benches again, said the child’s father was to blame.

However, people said his notice did not comply with traffic rules and the driver should have stopped to let the child pass.

With that in mind, people including Labor MP Charlotte Nichols rushed to criticize Javid for his views:

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