Road issues

SCB members and traffic officers discuss road issues with residents

Hyderabad: Monitoring of traffic movements and problems faced by residents due to the closure of some roads in the jurisdiction of SCB were discussed during a meeting of SCB members, residents and AV Ranganath, co- commissioner (traffic) and Prakash Reddy, DCP (traffic).

This follows the October 18 agenda circular from Board CEO B. Ajith Reddy. He mentioned “Headquarters of Telangana and Andhra Sub-Region has instructed this office to follow the process outlined in the guidelines issued in Ministry of Defense Letter No. 14(9)/2018-D (Q&C) dated 4th September 2018 for closing the following roads in Secunderabad Cantonment Board.

Ammuguda road (A1): 500 meters

Byam Road (A1): 500 meters

Albain road (Al): 700 meters

Empress Road (Al): 900 meters

Route de la Proténée (C): 500 meters

Richardson Road (C): 300 meters

The MA has closed the above roads due to safety concerns and High Court orders in PIL No.62 and 82 of 2014, W.Nos.5772, 5782 and 11321 of 2014. It is to be mentioned that only 2 roads of the above i.e. a) Ammuguda road and b) Byam road are covered by the High Court.”

This was approved by Cantonment Board Chairman Brig. K. Somashankar but rejected by J. Ramakrishna, appointed civilian member of SCB.

In a letter to Soma Shankar, Ranma Krishna wrote that he wanted the roads to be open as SCB residents face major hardship. He wrote, “I understand that the LMA closed said roads in the subject about eight years ago and said roads remain closed. It is to argue that the circular agenda cannot be moved retrospectively.”

He added that in case the LMA intended to resume the road closure in its true spirit, the only option was to reopen all public roads closed unconditionally and then any such proposal to follow the procedure. due process of law could be initiated and the same would be enjoyed in the eyes of the law.