Road issues

Shahelmey wants to solve flooding and road problems in Putatan

From left to right: Ahmad Mohd Said, Poyne Tudus, Shahelmey Yahya and Awang Husaini.

PUTATAN (November 5): Flood mitigation and improving road networks are among the issues close to Datuk Shahelmey Yahya’s heart.

Shahelmey, who is vying for Putatan’s parliament seat, wants flood mitigation planning to be improved for Putatan as the constituency is often plagued by flash floods every monsoon season.

The State Minister for Community Development and People’s Welfare also wants the construction of road networks in Putatan to be expedited so that motorists feel comfortable and safe while using the roads.

At the same time, Shahelmey said local authority services in Putatan also needed to be improved.

“I also see the need to plan housing construction in Putatan parliamentary constituency from Sembulan, Tanjung Aru, Putatan and Lokkawi. These are booming suburban areas filled with kampung and squatter settlements.

“It is important for me to bring this issue to the national level so that we can prepare housing for people with low and middle incomes,” he said.

Shahelmey’s opponents in the 15GE are Awang Husaini Sahari of Pakatan Harapan, Ahmad Mohd Said representing Warisan and Poyne Tudus @ Patrick Payne of Pejuang.

Awang Husaini is confident to retain the seat of Putatan.

“I don’t see many obstacles for me to defend my seat. Since I received the mandate in the last term, I have worked hard to inspire the people of Putatan and worked hard for the people,” he said.

Awang Husani also said he was confident he would have the opportunity to run for a second term because of his loyalty to the PH and the party leadership.

“Voters focus on candidates who have shown loyalty to their party. I showed what they want. I did not move even with the move of the Sheraton and with the changes of government. I stayed.

“Putatan voters who see (candidate) who stands for this principle, I think they will vote for me because of this factor. I think it is a measure (used) by voters,” he said. declared.

Awang Husani also said the nation needs a strong government.

“To have a strong government, we have to choose a party that really has the confidence of the people. I am confident that Pakatan Harapan is in the right position and this can help me defend my seat,” he told reporters at Dewan Sri Putatan after being successfully announced as a candidate for the upcoming 15GE.

Awang Husaini also shared some of his aspirations for Putatan.

He added that as a suburban area, Putatan will need more housing space to meet housing demand in the future, and good governance.

Equally important, he said, is building more schools in the constituency to address congestion issues. Schools such as SMK Tansau have more than 50 students per class.

Other issues he plans to address are human capital, economic development and development of downstream activities, as well as the establishment of an ice factory to meet the needs of fishermen in Putatan.

Awang Husaini has been MP for Putatan since 2018 after defeating Datuk Marcus Mojigoh of United Pasokmogun Kadazandusun Murut Organization (UPKO) which has since been renamed United Progressive Kinabalu Organization.