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South Korea’s Road Safety Hack for ‘Smart-Phone-Obsessed-Zombies’

Do you remember the scene from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara where Farhan Akhtar snatches Hrithik Roshan’s phone and throws it off the top of the cliff because he was still on his device? Well, not just Hrithik’s character, Kabir, many nowadays can be seen busy with their phones throughout the day. Call it phone addiction or something, but it’s become a global problem.

Whether it’s attending business calls 24/7 or simply browsing various social media platforms, sharing memes, watching videos or posting anything, people don’t seem to take their eyes off the screens. However, South Korea seems to have found a way to help these cellphone addicts they call “Smombies” or “smartphone-obsessed zombies”.

Shrinivas Dempo, president of the Dempo Sports club, shared a unique video on Twitter that shows traffic lights installed on sidewalks in Seoul to alert pedestrians when crossing roads. “Sign of the times: Traffic lights are lowered to road level at this crossing in Seoul so people they call Smombies (smartphone-obsessed zombies) can cross roads safely while using their smartphones,” the tweet reads.

The now-viral visual clip depicts pavement pavements in Seoul, surrounded by LED lights – colored green and red. Similar to traffic lights, they also glow red when commuters need to stop and turn green when it’s time to cross the road. This modern solution alerts pedestrians to the use of their mobile phone while walking on the street, which often leads to accidents.

The video was originally posted by a Twitter account named Trung Phan and garnered over 700.5,000 views with over 12,000 likes. In a series of Twitter threads, Trung Phan also mentioned that the South Korean government has also “implemented an alert system that sends a notification to phones if walkers are about to enter traffic.”

The Twitter post also contains a text description that informs social media users that sidewalk traffic lights were a trial campaign launched by the government in 2019. It was an attempt to reduce road traffic crashes. crosswalks. The main purpose of ground traffic lights was to warn pedestrians when it was safe to watch their cellphones while crossing the street.

According to NDTV, more than 1,200 traffic lights have been installed in around 25 districts in Seoul, South Korea. Although originally intended for phone-obsessed adults or “Smombies”, these lights have also proven to be beneficial for child safety.

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