Road issues

Special task force to resolve road issues during monsoon in Kerala

The Public Works Department (PWD) has set up a special task force to look into problems on the roads that may be caused by rain during the monsoon season in the state.

The state and district level working groups were formed by the PWD mission team on the instructions of the Minister of Public Works and Tourism, PA Mohamed Riyas. A special control room will also be set up as part of the task force to bring issues to the attention of the authorities by people. The minister will inaugurate the task force and control room on June 1.

Roads and bridges are often damaged during the rainy season, especially during times of flooding. The task force and control room are set up to find an immediate solution to these problems, albeit temporarily. People can alert the control room of potholes and road damage during the monsoon. The control room, which will be part of the existing public information cell, will forward complaints to the relevant field officer as soon as they are received, said a statement from the minister’s office.

The district-level working group must ensure that the problem is resolved within 24 hours or within a maximum of 48 hours. It is also suggested that a report be submitted in a timely manner with photos of the complaint being resolved. The decision is expected to reduce accidents during the monsoon, according to the statement.