Road safety

Stand Against Speeding – Road Safety Initiative in West Fife

Officers work alongside young volunteers to promote road safety and tackle speeding in the West Fife area.

Stand Against Speeding is a joint initiative between the Dunfermline Police Community Team and Dunfermline Police Youth Volunteers in Scotland to deter and prevent speeding on the area’s roads using changeable notice boards.

Officers regularly receive contacts from the public highlighting concerns about speeding on the roads, especially around schools, and this campaign aims to proactively urge drivers to slow down using bold messages that can easily be seen at the curb. the road.

The signs, similar to current road signs to avoid distracting drivers, will be posted online, revealing the full message as motorists move down the road.

The messages focus on letting off the accelerator, slowing down and keeping young people, road users and themselves safe.

Over the summer, the campaign will focus on roads in the West Fife area that have been flagged as a speeding problem by the public.

At the start of the new school term, Stand Against Speeding – The School Road Safety Tour will begin on the roads near 29 area elementary schools with the goal of helping kids get to and from school with less of risks.

PC Scott Morgan, Dunfermline Police Community Team, said: ‘Having worked closely with our local schools it is clear that they are doing a good job of educating and promoting road safety to children of all ages and of their parents. Even with these proactive approaches, we still see the trend of heavy traffic congestion and speeding by motorists on the roads outside of schools.

“Young people really have a chance to have their voices heard with this campaign and it is important that we let them take the lead with the messages. They told us about speeding on roads outside of schools and what improvements can be made, so we are more than happy to support them in this initiative.

“We hope drivers take heed of this message and slow down. It is a simple but effective method which I hope will make a difference.

Madison MacGregor, Police Scotland’s senior youth volunteer, who has been with the team for three years, said: ‘It’s great for teaching young children about road safety, but also using children to pass the message will have a different impact. This will entice drivers to sit up and take notice.

“I want children to be reassured and confident that they can walk to school and cross the road safely. Encouraging drivers to slow down will help.

“I’m really proud to be part of the initiative and hope I can be a role model for others.”