Road safety

Tafe students create smart road safety campaign via oOh!

Road safety campaigns created by young Australians to encourage their peers to heed safety ratings and buy the safest vehicle they can afford have been launched across Australia.

The Re:act behavior change program challenges TAFE students to raise awareness of road safety issues among 16-25 year olds to change road user behavior and make all road users safer.

The 2022 program focused on “safer vehicles”, educating young workers, apprentices and students on the importance of considering safety when deciding which vehicle to buy and encouraging them to look for star ratings and safety features when buying a used or new car.

In 2022, the Re:act program took place in Australia with graphic design students from TAFE colleges in NSW, Victoria, WA, Queensland and, for the first time, South Australia, and with communication design students from the universities of NSW, Victoria, WA and Queensland. Internationally, Brazil and the United States joined the United Kingdom this year in managing the road safety program.

As part of Re:act, selected Australian campaigns are launched on the roadside and retail digital assets of long-time Australian media partner oOh!media.

The campaigns launched today were created by students from TAFE NSW, Chisholm TAFE in Victoria, North Metropolitan TAFE in WA, TAFE Queensland and TafeSA. The students used a range of techniques, from humor to horror and highlighting the perspectives of first responders, to convey the “safer vehicles” message.

Re:act Founder and CEO Andrew Hardwick said: “Fantastic to see the TAFE Re:act 2022 campaigns launched nationwide across Australia today.

“This would not be possible without the incredible support of our partners, speakers, students and national media partner oOh!media. A big thank you to all”

He added: “Raising awareness and educating young people to buy safer vehicles is a difficult but essential road safety message to communicate to all young people, including young workers, apprentices and students.

“Young people often have busy work schedules and social lives, so it’s important to encourage them to buy and drive the safest vehicles possible, both in their personal lives and for work.”

Scheduled to coincide with National Workplace Safety Month, the Re:act 2022 TAFE campaigns aim to dispel the misconception among this typically hard-to-reach cohort that safer vehicles are over budget.

Robbie Dery, Chief Commercial Officer of oOh!media, said: “As young people are disproportionately affected by injuries and deaths on the roads across the country, it is fundamentally important that we communicate with young people. drivers at the time of key decision making – when they are behind the wheel.

“As Australia’s largest out-of-home media company, oOh! can reach these young drivers at scale and encourage them to make safer decisions about their vehicles and their driving. oh! has been a partner of Re:act for several years. We are pleased to continue to support this important initiative and to reinforce key road safety messages to the country’s youngest road users.

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