Road safety

talabat UAE will launch the first “Road Safety Week” to protect its drivers

talabat kicks off its first UAE Road Safety Week on March 28, as it steps up its road safety strategy in 2022 to ensure the well-being of its growing fleet of drivers.

The company said it would hold Road Safety Week frequently throughout the year. The campaign will complement efforts by the Government of the United Arab Emirates to foster a culture of road safety and reduce accidents on its roads through additional intensive training, as well as positive reinforcement by rewarding drivers for their exemplary respect for the Traffic Laws.

The organization aims to raise awareness of the collective responsibility of all road users to ensure their safety and that of others.

Talabat’s decision to expand its public awareness campaign on the importance of being aware of small vehicles on the road is the result of insights from the driver focus group, who shared some of their biggest challenges on the road, which included other motorists changing lanes quickly without using turn signals, stopping suddenly without using turn signals, or driving too fast and tailgating. The cyclists also called on road users, especially large vehicles, to pay more attention to small vehicles to help them keep themselves and others safe.

Tatiana Rahal, Managing Director of talabat UAE: “Road safety starts with all of us. It is a culture of awareness on our roads and of respect for each road user, whether pedestrian, cyclist, automobile, motorcycle or heavy goods vehicle. By devoting a special week to road safety, we aim to set an example and raise awareness among the public in general and drivers in particular, to drive safely and avoid dangerous acts such as speeding and overtaking. other cars. We also reward passengers who obey traffic rules to encourage positive behavior.

She added: “With an exponential increase in motorcycles on the road, further propelled by the pandemic, it is important to remember that responsible driving is a duty incumbent on every road user and we believe this is thanks to the collaboration between the public and the private sector, as well as the community, that we will obtain the best results.

The organization has steadily increased its biker training and awareness campaigns, taking into account feedback from bikers and concerns shared by authorities and communities. In the first quarter of 2022 alone, more than 20 joint training sessions with the authorities were organized in the emirates, compared to 25 in 2021.

In addition, more than 30 internal awareness campaigns have been launched since the start of the year with an increased focus on road safety, reminding drivers to drive carefully and be diligent at all times, for their own well-being. and that of the communities. to date, awareness campaign content has been viewed more than 100,000 times by internal runners.

Earlier this year, talabat published its first edition of the annual cyclist report which featured all the cyclist initiatives launched in 2021. The report included more than 15 dedicated cyclist initiatives and projects, from road safety training sessions to across the emirates, to additional insurance coverage, salary cards and rider rest areas.

In addition, talabat has announced that it has recruited footballer Cristiano Ronaldo as its official brand ambassador.

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