Road safety

TT 2022: the new road safety campaign asks “Miss Me?”

Drivers and drivers are urged to consider the impact of traffic collisions

Police have launched a new road safety campaign to encourage visitors – and residents – to stay safe on the island’s roads during the TT fortnight.

The campaign – titled “Miss Me?” – encourages road users to consider the realities of dangerous driving and to remember that life on the Island continues as normal during the event.

Superintendent Steve Maddocks said: “The TT has returned to our island after three years and we want to make sure everyone who visits and lives on our island is safe.

“We ask that people please familiarize themselves with the roads and their layout, obey the signs and ride safely and within their limits.

“Enjoy everything the TT experience has to offer, but please be able to go back and tell your stories to family and friends.”

Over the past nine years, 180 serious traffic collisions and 20 fatalities have been recorded during TT periods.

In partnership with other police forces, the new campaign will also be promoted in the North West of England.

Information highlighting the main messages of the campaign includes multilingual materials to ensure the safety of visitors during their stay.

Inspector Neil Craig is in charge of the Highway Policing Unit:

The mountain road will be one-way from 4:30 a.m. on Friday May 27 to 9:30 a.m. on Monday June 13.

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