Road safety

Vodafone considering STEP change in road safety

Vodafone Group has unveiled its latest car game, an open platform designed to connect a range of in-vehicle systems and transport authority infrastructure to improve safety and communication on Europe’s roads.

The operator said the Safer Transport for Europe (STEP) platform is compatible with all in-vehicle navigation systems and third-party map applications, as well as transport authority systems containing a range of information, including warnings of danger and traffic updates.

STEP is designed to solve the problems of information silos and data fragmentation. According to Vodafone, the benefits that connectivity can bring to road safety are limited.

Vodafone plans to use STEP in its own automotive applications and is working with several partners to expand access.

The company noted that the cloud platform was built on open standards with the aim of enabling a large number of participants to collaborate and ultimately improve road safety in Europe.

He works with automotive players, road operators, transport authorities, application developers and other partners on use cases.

“Improving road safety remains a major challenge for Europe,” said Joakim Reiter, director of external and general affairs for the Vodafone group. “We believe that open platforms for faster and more efficient data sharing can play an important role in helping to prevent the unnecessary deaths and injuries that occur on our roads every year.”

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