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Wejo to improve road safety with the launch of Road Health and Winter Road Insights powered by NIRA Dynamics

MANCHESTER, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wejo Group Limited (NASDAQ: WEJO), a global leader in Smart Mobility for Good™ and cloud and software solutions for connected, electric and autonomous vehicle data, today launches two new solutions, Road Health and Winter Road Insights, powered by NIRA Dynamics. NIRA is an in-vehicle analytics and road perception company specializing in sensor fusion and road surface monitoring systems. It is also a subsidiary of CARIAD, an automotive software company within the Volkswagen Group. Road Health and Winter Road Insights are transformative solutions that aggregate road data insights so governments can move from reactive to proactive road safety and make informed decisions to save lives. Implementing these solutions aligns with Wejo’s values ​​to ensure data accuracy and integrity, as well as speed of visibility, while boosting operational efficiency and driving innovation and income opportunities.

“These solutions extend the capabilities of government agencies to analyze comprehensive, road-by-road information on the impact of weather conditions on road safety and identify road maintenance priorities using data from connected vehicles” , said Richard Barlow, founder and CEO of Wejo. “By combining historical knowledge of long-term road health with current road condition information, cities and state departments of transportation can provide faster, smarter, and safer journeys for all road users. the road.”

Road Health collects traffic information, combining road friction, roughness, potholes and road bumps in real time to create a detailed view of road surface conditions in cities and towns . Preserving and maintaining community transportation infrastructure is a necessary and costly undertaking. With information from Road Health, transportation departments can analyze vehicle conditions, causes of maintenance needs, and reasons for road structural deterioration to get a clear view of what happened before and now. thereby improving road safety and reducing maintenance and assets. management fees.

Winter Road Insights enables governments to efficiently process road networks and make vital decisions during winter. By monitoring the performance of road networks during potentially hazardous weather conditions, Winter Road Insights compiles road temperature data, slippery alerts to better inform salting, road closures and snow removal plans. This cost-effective solution provides winter road network status updates and the ability to understand the effectiveness of road treatments, saving vital resources when it’s needed most. With Winter Road Insights, commuters can travel safely by understanding which roads are affected by weather conditions and can ensure better incident response times.

“Through the joint efforts of our companies, we will provide insights to improve road safety in the United States and Europe,” said Lisa Åbom, CEO of NIRA Dynamics. “Connected car data helps improve safety by optimizing road maintenance and providing visibility into what is happening on our roads throughout the year.”

As we approach 2023, Wejo continues to expand its product offerings to give customers greater access to connected vehicle data, no matter where they are, how they connect, or what devices they use. Join Wejo at the ITS World Congress September 18-22, 2022 in Los Angeles, CA, for more information on Road Health, Winter Road Insights, and other Wejo innovations at booth 1954. Additionally, Gareth Evans, Vice President sales of Wejo (Public Sector), participates in a round table, Emerging Technologies, Digital Infrastructure and Changing Data Sources: Towards Vision Zeroto discuss use cases supporting the paradigm shift from reactive to proactive road safety that combines technology and data to deliver proven results in saving lives on September 21, 2022.

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