Road safety

Wives give helmets to their husbands to ensure road safety

Barwani (Madhya Pradesh): In a unique initiative to ensure long life for men, women gifted helmets to their husbands while wishing long life and prosperity, to mark Karwa Chauth here at Police Headquarters, Barwani.

These Karwa Chauth, wives would fast all day while wishing long life and prosperity to their husbands, perform rituals when the moon was sighted and present helmets to their husbands. Wives also made husbands swear to wear helmets for road safety and to follow traffic rules when riding two-wheelers.

Shivani Goyal said most deaths in road accidents are due to two-wheeler commuters not wearing helmets, adding that there was no better way to wish than to present them helmets and also pledged to wear a helmet that would protect them from pollution apart from fatal accidents.

Women were seen adorned with beautiful mehndi designs and wearing traditional clothing and jewelry as they waited for the moon to end the fast. Later women broke their fast only after sighting the moon and presented helmets to their husbands in order to ensure their safety which is the only reason for the Karwa Chauth festival.

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