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World Economic Forum Launches Tech-Driven Road Safety Project in India

The World Economic Forum has launched a Road Safety 2.0 program in India in collaboration with the Indian Central Government, Niti Aayog and the Union Ministry of Road Transport. The project aims to introduce the technology in all 4Es of road safety – education, engineering, application and emergency care.

According to a 2018 Global Road Safety Report, India tops the list of 199 countries in terms of road fatalities, with 11% of road fatalities globally alone. India.

Over the past decade, more than a million people have lost their lives in traffic accidents. The majority of them were young people from modest economic backgrounds. These incidents led to tragic experiences for their families and hampered India’s GDP by more than 3%.

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The Road Safety 2.0 project is a flagship program of the Global Road Safety Initiative (GRSI) of the World Economic Forum in collaboration with FIA and WIAA under the banner of Road Safety Partnership India (RSPI). According to the project manager, Akhilesh Srivastava, nearly 75 percent of road accidents are due to human errors such as overspeeding, fatigue, stress and poor driving skills. With the use of technology, these human limitations can be compensated for and the leverage effect of IR 4.0 technologies in road safety can significantly improve the situation.

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Project stakeholders include the UN Special Envoy, World Bank, Indian government ministries, industry leaders, corporations, National Highway Authority of India, state transport commissioners, Western India Automobile Association (WIAA), road operators, vehicle manufacturers, Society of Indian Automobiles (SIAM), tech start-ups, insurance companies, hospital chains and the All India Motor Congress , among other road safety experts.

The World Economic Forum and the FIA ​​as well as the Indian government have set a target of a 50% reduction in the number of road fatalities in the country by 2025.

(with contributions from ANI / NewsView)