Road safety

Young cyclists do not respect road safety rules

Reckless entry of young cyclists onto state and national highways in violation of traffic rules has become a serious security threat in Kozhikode as police have failed to adopt strict measures to curb the practice. The majority of young people who engage in antics on the road are school children.

No safety equipment is used by most of these racers who leave other motorists stunned with their stunts and violation of lane discipline. Expensive sports bikes with advanced features to regulate speed are also used by many young people.

“It is just luck that saves many negligent children with bicycles on the road. A habit of responsible riding is not yet part of their lives,” said rickshaw driver TV Mahendran, adding that he had recently warned a high school student from Elathur about ramming his vehicle.

Within the city limits, many student cyclists participate in races with other vehicles on the road. Some also try to imitate professional cyclists who use imported bikes with advanced features. Night riding is also becoming popular among many students, but their bikes are often without proper lighting and they don’t wear reflective jackets.

A senior city traffic police officer said a proper guideline for cyclists had yet to be developed. “At the moment, there is no such aggressive control mechanism to ensure cycles are appropriate and to punish offenders. This may come at a later stage, but parents and teachers have an important role to play in educate young drivers about responsible use of the road,” he said.

Kerala Police had recently posted a warning on their social media pages following a recent incident in Kannur district in which a boy narrowly escaped being run over by the wheels of a bus . His bike had hit a motorcycle as he recklessly crossed the road.